• Battery Tender

As we all know nothing kills a battery like sitting and not being used.  And when you car is deep asleep this winter make sure your battery will be ready to go with the high Efficient Battery Tender.   The Battery Tender is much more than a just a trickle charger of old.  It is a fully Automatic Battery Charger that keeps contact tabs on your battery.   The Tender uses a 4-Step Charging Program (Initialization, Bulk Charging, Absorption Mode, Float Mode) to keep your battery in tiptop shape. All done Automatically it switches to float / maintenance voltage after the battery is fully charged.  Made from Solid state components for long life, two color LED indicates what stage the charger is in. Spark Proof  and the biggest feature in our option, Reverse Polarity Protected and last it has a Safety Timer so after 80 Hours of trying to charge it will accept the battery is beyond saving and will shut off.  Have your car ready to drive with this Battery Tender. Dual battery MGB's No Problem easy hook up, check out the video for easy hook up.  This kit comes with battery clamps for temporary use or you can use the solid mount with plug for longer term use and a much cleaner look.  Plus it makes a great gift too!

Battery Tender

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