• Cylinder Head

These are the last cylinder heads produced by Rover, new but stored in packaging since 1999 hence they might not be cosmetically to usual high standards, but checked and perfectly serviceable as used by the production line.

They do not have the by-pass hose hole or heater tap hole. The threaded screw holes are in place for the heater tap but the heater tap hole is blanked out and will require drilling if required, which is what engine tuners modify when needing a new casting. Cosmetically they look different because they have the alternator fitting holes drilled below the thermostat housing at the front. THESE HEADS ARE SOLD LESS CDU2601 OIL WAY RIVET WHICH IS OBSOLETE BUT MUST BE PLUGGED BEFORE USE, 2K1345 HAS BEEN USED FOR THIS PURPOSE. casting number on edge where heater valve used to be is LDF105800

These heads have revised casting cores to give a more consistent water temperature across the head making it the best head ever available.

If used on NON MPI cars the thermostat housing also needs machining out to seat the thermostat or alternatively you can use PEQ100650SPACER gasket which gives clearance without machining

Cylinder Head

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