• Crank Pulley and Damper

100% brand new crankshaft damper with pulley for a Austin Healey 1275, MG Midget 1275 and Austin Mini 1275 up to MPI. For years your only option for your A-Series 1275 crankshaft dampener was to try to have your rebuilt. If you could have yours rebuilt the odds of having it done correctly was lucky at best. Our 1275 A-Series damper is made with the best quality and functionality. Each pulley is fully balanced, ready to bolt on. The new pulley does not have any timing marks, only some of the original pulleys had a small almost chip to mark top dead center but we where not able to find this mark consistence and chose and it was left off of this unit. .  Replace you old dampener warm out cracked crankshaft dampener on your MGB.

Crank Pulley and Damper

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